Welcome to my homepages!

My name is Susanna Gerkman-Hiltunen and I am proud to introduce my dogs on these pages.

I live in Espoo, nearby Helsinki which is the capital of Finland and I am a married mother with two grown-up children. Dog shows are a very important hobby for me but even higher I actually appreciate the many great friendships I have made within the “dog world”. The fact that you get to meet your lovely friends in dog shows makes them really worthwhile attending. And furthermore, of course, you get the chance to exhibit your own but also other wonderful dogs. What more could one hope from a hobby?

I am also a very active member of the Sighthound Club of Helsinki and the racing has become a very dear hobby in my family as well.

I hope you enjoy the content of my home pages and would you have any, just any, wonders or questions about my dogs, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail.


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